Susie Bills

Susan Bills

Hi, I’m Susie, founder and head number cruncher at Bookkeeping Zen:)



I admit it, I am a numbers geek!  I have 20 years’ experience in business bookkeeping, management and ownership. I am also a Certified Health Coach who loves sharing my passion for healthy living and natural health solutions with my family and friends.



It was a natural progression for me to combine my two passions and provide specialized bookkeeping + financial consulting services to business owners in the Health & Wellness and Fitness & Beauty industries.



Bookkeeping Zen was created with the ripple effect in mind…



When we free you from your bookkeeping burden AND help you grow your business, you are then able to educate and serve more people and in turn, change more lives 🙂 That’s a Win-Win!



Over the years I’ve provided business bookkeeping for many different types of businesses, (some testimonials here) and I have learned that in most cases bookkeeping in and of itself won’t create success for you, it’s what you DO with the information that creates success.



I get it, you didn’t start your own business so you could spend hours categorizing expenses and reviewing financial statements, but the reality is, if your books are a mess and you don’t know what your numbers mean then your business can’t thrive.



As business owners we are often so busy working IN our biz that we don’t have time to work ON our biz…



When you partner with BKZ, we work ON your business, providing customized bookkeeping + financial consulting to ambitious business owners who are interested in creating sustainability, profitability and growth in their business.



If this sounds like you…please reach out here to request a no obligation, no pressure 20-minute consultation.



I also invite you to look around the site, I have resource guides, interactive templates & tools and a blog with great information to help you with your amazing business.



Thanks for visiting and have an awesome day!










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