Susie Bills

Susan Bills

Hi, I’m Susie – Founder and lead bookkeeper here at Bookkeeping Zen:)


I’m a certified bookkeeper with over 20 years experience providing bookkeeping services for a diverse range of businesses. I am also a business owner and online entrepreneur myself and truly enjoy helping other business owners achieve financial success.


I understand what it means to be self-employed. Yes, it’s awesome to be your own boss, but this also means you often “wear all the hats” in your biz. The to-do list seems never-ending and bookkeeping often falls to the bottom of that list.


This is where I help you –  I keep your financial clutter organized for you and help you make sense of what the numbers mean in your business. We can then implement positive cash flow strategies to improve profitability and growth within your business.


When you partner with Bookkeeping Zen:


  • We free up valuable time in your day, so you can do more of what you LOVE, in business and family life.


  • You’ll worry less and sleep better at night knowing your financial life is in order and up to date.


  • You’ll be happier – lower financial stress paired with the ability to do more of what you love results in a happier and healthier you 🙂


Believe it or not, I love bookkeeping and am honored to be able to help fellow business owners succeed while allowing them to do more of what they LOVE!


If you’d like learn more about how we can free you from the burden of your business bookkeeping…please contact me to schedule a time to chat!


I also invite you to look around the site, I have resource guides & video tutorials, interactive templates & tools and a great blog with information to help you with your amazing business.


Thanks for visiting and have an awesome day!


P.S. We LOVE referrals! If you share our name with a biz owner and they become a client – We’ll send you a $50.00 Amazon Gift card 🙂


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